My Rules for Comiking

  1. Give equal representation to all walks of life; be it gender, age, sex, or race. None of that Hollywood whitewashing, sexism, or gender role. Screw Hollywood.
  2. Be free to get WEIRD. Feel free to introduce bio-punk medical-babble, monsters that look and act like things out of a nightmare, and other-worldly cosmic horrors. Have fun and see how far “fantasy” can really go!
  3. Be sincere and give weight to the things that deserve it. While it may be violent and over-the-top at some points, never forget that each one of the characters are people. They will get scared and they will get hurt, and that will persist throughout the story.
  4. Pull no punches. Much like George R.R. Martin has taught us by now: “no one is invincible.” Mortal wounds will not make miraculous recoveries, terrible things can happen at any moment, and all heroes can die. I will not cheapen death or suffering because I believe they deserve a certain level of respect and gravity.
  5. Humanity. No matter how dark, scary, violent, or terrible the world seems there is always a shred of decency somewhere buried deep within. No one is ever truly “evil” instead they are misguided, selfish, or unsympathetic. I don’t believe the world is a truly terrible place and I want my comics to reflect that.
  6. Strive to do the best that you can.