Hello anyone viewing this post!

Unfortunately there is no update today as I have had to take another…

and this one may take a month or so.

Due to some encroaching needs I will not be returning to BLACKMARCH until August 18th. Not because of any personal tragedy or lack of desire though! Rather, there are a couple of rather large things I need to clear off my plate ( personal, financial, and professional) before I can return to devoting myself to the comic.

With this hiatus I will be devoting a decent chunk of my time towards a series of personal art pieces I hope to use to reign in a few more clients, and better myself as an artist. Those of you who follow me on social media and the like will no doubt have seen some of the various process shots.

So, still going strong as far as art is concerned, but I need to take some time to get a move on in my professional life. I hope this clears up any questions that may be popping up and I hope to jump right back into the comic come August!