On Violence

As you can probably tell, BLACKMARCH is going to be a little graphic.

There will be blood, there will be nudity, and there will be violence that is uncomfortable at times.

However, there will be some themes and subjects that I will NOT touch. Partially out of respect and partially out of my inability to properly illustrate or comment on them in a way that they deserve.

With that in mind, I never intend for violence in this comic to be “cool;” violence isn’t “cool.” Violence is harsh, unnerving, and “devastating” to attribute a description from Shane Black. It describes characters much the same way actions and dialogue do. The only difference is, the effects of violence and the stories it tells tend to be much more severe and dark.

Bloody messy horrible stories…

BLACKMARCH is one of these “bloody messy horrible stories,” but it is also intended to be a mature story with consequences and emotional depth. While some parts may stray into the territory of ultraviolence, at no point do I intend for it, or the violent scenes it depicts, to be lacking in weight or maturity.

With that in mind I’ll continue to work on the BLACKMARCH and ensure that I deliver on my own words.

Thanks for reading, and leave a comic down below!