Digital Idiocy

I have a small confession to make, if it wasn’t already apparent in my art.

I’m not really good at using the computer to make art.

It’s not like the knowledge isn’t there, I know what the color should be, I know how lighting works, I know how to render volume, draw attention, and all of the compositional crap that comes with color, it just somehow gets lost in translation whenever I try to pick up a stylus and put it in photoshop. So despite four damn years of using photoshop to color, I’m thinking about calling it quits.

Not on the comic or art!

God, no.

Ever since I started this comic I am always more than happy to ink a panel or mock up a concept in watercolor. However, as soon as I have to pull open photoshop to color, I drag my feet and tend to look for other things to work on.

To me, this is unacceptable.

So for the sake of my sanity and benefit of the comic, once this arc is over I’m switching the medium to full traditional. Permanently.

I’ll still letter in photoshop and of course make necessary edits, but expect a very, VERY different coloring stye come the next arc.

Keep on the look out till then!